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What is 'Glamping'?

Glamping is glamorous or luxury camping for someone seeking a little refuge in nature – without giving up any of life’s luxuries such as power, hot water, flushing toilet and cooking facility.

Our latest addition to the Mistiso's/Morningstar family of accomodations.

Experience glamping in our two new tiny cabins.

The two primary structures within 'Bunkieland' consist of the "Funky Bunky" & the "Boho Bungalow"

These two standalone 10'x10' cabins are both equipped with a spacious loft,  retro mini-fridge, dining table, queen bed in the loft and a double futon on the main floor. ​They share a seperate 3 pc bath with hot running water, flushing toilet, well-equipped kitchen & central firepit.

Though both are similar in construction, each possess their own unique sense of artistic charm.

On the property you'll also find our 'Common Areas'. These include the shared kitchen amenities, shared bathroom with a shower, and shared fire pit.

It's a grounding place who are seeking to disconnect from the hustle-bustle and reconnect with themselves again. It's a great place for couples, friends, family to gather or a small group to connect and get together for different kinds of retreats, and pets are welcome too!


We are so excited to share this beautiful tiny home/ glamping experience with you!


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